Lofoten Arctic Seaweed Salt 60g

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We are beyond thrilled to introduce the amazing Lofoten Seaweed items from beautiful Norway. On a rugged coastline 100 miles north of the arctic circle, two women are taking Lofoten food traditions one step further…

Lofoten Seaweed are proud to be a female-led business that creates opportunities for the local community, whilst taking care to minimise our environmental impact. They work with award-winning producers and innovators, and their products are used in Michelin starred and Bocuse d’Or nominated restaurants across Europe and beyond. They create innovative seaweed products for everyone from home cooks to pro chefs – straight from ocean to plate.

Arctic Seaweed Salt is a tasty blend of winged kelp and high-quality arctic sea salt from the Norwegian Sea. Use it as you would use normal salt – season your savoury dishes for a hit of umami flavour as well as a delicious health boost.

Sea salt 86%, winged kelp (Alaria esculenta) 14%