IT Stracchino di Capra GUF *200g*

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The production methods are similar to those used for making Taleggo that was traditionally called ‘Stracchino’, as were other Lombardy uncooked paste cheeses made mainly after the descent of the animals from the alpine pastures (when, therefore, the animals were ‘stracco’ or tired). This product is, however, made exclusively with goat’s milk giving it a distinctive characteristic of its own. Its texture is fairly compact, with an ivory paste, more melting towards the edges with few holes. Washed, reddish rind with greyish-blue bloom.

Its notes very intense with notes of acidity and rich goaty flavour.

Pairs best with full bodied, aged, red wines, aromatic honey, pears and cherries. Try it with rye or wholegrain bread. 

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Full fat, raw, goat’s milk
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