GB White Lake Rachel Reserva WLC *200g*

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A longer matured addition to the White Lake family (Minimum 12 Months). This cheese is Alpine in style, with a full, rich and complex flavour, thanks to the use of goat's milk. It has become an instant favourite amongst our customers as well as colleagues here at Culinaris. 

This beautiful cheese goes well grated on pasta’s, salads, atop almost any meal. Try it grilled on toast or in a sandwich to truly transform your lunchtime.

Made with unpasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet. Semi-Hard, Washed Rind (Brine) goat's cheese.

Roger is a 3rd generation farmer and artisanal cheese maker in Somerset. Bagborough Farm is the home of an extensive ongoing innovation but perhaps more importantly, a happy livestock. They are fed a specifically adapted diet ideal for cheesemaking, and solely local milk is used to make these cheeses. The result is minimal food miles, strong community, and truly exceptional cheese. We’re chuffed to carry this utterly delicious range!

Unpasteurised, thermised goat's MILK, vegetarian rennet
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