GB Smoked Shropshire Blue LAJ *200g*

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If you love the tangy creaminess of Shropshire Blue cheese then this subtle smoky riff on the original is made for you. The inherently rich flavour is delectably elevated by the smouldering aroma of oak. A veined and gently darkened beauty,  Smoked Shropshire Blue provides delicious complexity to any cheeseboard and as an ingredient will enliven an array of home cooked dishes.

Founded in 2014, Lambton & Jackson's smoked products have featured on top menus in London, East Anglia and beyond. They’ve won multiple awards including Great Taste’s three stars, and been crowned champions of the smoked seafood category at the Great British Food Awards. Everything is done by hand, located in the historic foodie hub of Maldon, long famous for its sea salt and oysters. The Maldon Collection of smoked products from Lambton & Jackson now add to that rich heritage. So spoil yourself with our smoked delights lovingly made by the very best in the business. 

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