GB Keens Extra Mature Cheddar *200g*

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Cheddar has been made by the Keen’s family at Moorhayes Farm in Wincanton, Somerset, since great aunt Jane made her first cheese in 1899. Keen’s Cheddar is made using milk from their own herd of 250 Friesians and the family have been producing consistently high quality Cheddar for over a century.

Starting with their own milk, the Keen family use a traditional ‘pint pot’ starter culture, allowing them to make Cheddar with great complexity and depth. The lengthy process of cutting, draining, ‘cheddaring’ and milling the curds is then carried out by hand, before the cheese is pressed. It is then matured on the Keen’s farm for up to 12 months. Cheeses are regularly turned and sampled to ensure that each cheese develops its full potential. Keen’s Cheddar is recognised for its moist texture, tangy bite and full-bodied flavour, with ‘oniony’ notes.
Cows' MILK (96.2%), Salt, Starter medium SMP, Animal Rennet
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