Gavottes Roquefort 100g

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Savoury Gavottes filled with Roquefort cream. Great as an all-rounder snack and work well in lieu of croutons in any soup.

A small cooking error gave birth to a product that is now consumed around the world... It was in 1886 that the fabulous story of Crêpes Dentelle Gavottes began, when Marie-Catherine Cornic left one of her pancakes to cook on the fire a little too long. She then decided to fold it and roll it up. Upon tasting, she realised she basically created a cookie that is both light and crisp. Crêpes Dentelle Gavottes was born. The secret of these little Breton cookies? A pancake wrapped 8 times around itself, preciously preserved know-how and a simple recipe concocted with carefully selected ingredients.