CH Cirone 24 months JUM *200g*

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A super hard cheese from Switzerland. Aged for a minimum of 2 years, it has heaps of powerful flavour.

Cironé is distinctive not only in its intensely rich flavour, but also in its great age. Over a period of several years, the cheese is moved between caves with differing atmospheres, one containing cheese mites to assist the maturation process. “Ciron” is French for mite, which gives a hint of what’s about to happen: mites feed on the rind, allowing the cheese to mature instead of suffocating in its own crust. Toward the end of the maturation period, Cirone is brought to an oil cellar where it is massaged until - as Jumi says - it's time to leave the house (that's about 24 months). 
In the intense aroma you can detect dark caramel and malt, as well as the most classic nuttiness. It is a hard and crumbly cheese with unusual creaminess. Notes of roasted chicory are emphasised by a salty, sour flavour, sweetened with caramel.
Can be used like a Parmesan but is not too hard to take pride of place on a cheeseboard. Perfect with honey.
Made from raw cow's milk. Sold by weight. 
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