Albert Menes Raw Lavender Honey from Provence IGP Large Jar 500g

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With its warm, sweet notes, Albert Ménès Lavender Honey comes from south-eastern France and has a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). It is entirely produced using traditional methods. Harvesting takes place after the honey flow, when nectar is produced. Pale and slightly milky in colour, Albert Ménès lavender honey is truly exceptional. Its fragrance immediately evokes lavender flower essence and the aromas of Provence. This specific honey is becoming increasingly rare due to the changes in the climate as well as the decline of the bee population. 

Lavender honey is used in many sweet and savoury recipes such as courgette flower fritters, madeleines and strawberry cakes.
100% raw, untreated, filtered honey without any additives. 
100% Raw Provence Lavender Honey