Albert Menes Pure Raw Acacia Honey with Honeycomb 340g

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Enjoy honey in its raw state. In the beehive, the worker bees make the wax cells to store the honey, and then close each cell with a small lighter-coloured "lid". The honey contained in each wax cell is therefore in its purest state as it has not been altered through mechanical extraction or filtering. The only human interaction involved is when the honey farmers take these pieces of honeycomb out of the hive, cut them up and place them in jars. 

To enjoy all the benefits of honey with honeycomb, we recommend eating everything in the jar... Wax, comb and all! The easiest way to do this is to cut out a small piece and chew it until all the honey is extracted before eating the wax comb itself. Or place a piece of honeycomb on a slice of buttered toasted, or use it as an original and mouthwatering addition to hard cheese. 

100% raw, untreated, filtered honey without any additives. 

100% raw acacia honey (origin: EU)