Venchi Chocoviar Pistachio 1pc

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Chocoviar Pistachio from Venchi's Pick & Mix range
• Pistachio and PGI Piedmont hazelnut filling with whole salted pistachios
• Dark chocolate shell
• Covered with toffee chips and South American cocoa nibs
• Topped off with 75% extra dark chocolate microspheres (aka “chocoviar”)
Sold by unit (one).

The story of Venchi began back in 1878 when Silviano Venchi, a young 20 year old young man, spent all his savings on two bronze cauldrons, and started experimenting with chocolate in a small shop in Turin. Ever since then, Venchi has been known and coveted around the world for its authenticity, the use of the most excellent ingredients such as Piedmont hazelnuts and the finest pistachios, and its irresistible recipes inspired by Mediterranean taste. Venchi embodies creativity, conviviality - and everything else that makes Italy so Italian.
Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, toasted cocoa nibs 10.8%, toffee (sugar, glucose syrup, BUTTER, CREAM water) 7.2%, PISTACHIO paste 6.8%, Piedmont HAZELNUT paste 6.8%, whole MILK powder, roasted PISTACHIO 6%, WHEY powder, SOY lecithin, salt 0.1%, natural vanilla flavour