Terre Exotique Sesame Seeds with Yuzu 50g

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Sesame seeds with yuzu are widey used in Japanese cuisine, often served with rice. Yuzu is a citrus fruit from East Asia which was introduced to Japan during the Tang dynasty in around 700. It looks like a small lime about 5 to 8 cm in diametre. It is harvested in October in Koshi prefecture in Japan. It tastes similar to mandarin or grapefruit.

Sesame seeds with Yuzu are deliciously light and truly irresistible. These amazing crunchy sesame seeds release wonderful fresh citrus flavours! Perfect for brightening up a bowl of rice, salads and soups, fish and sushi.

Roasted SESAME, protein hydrolysate, yuzu juice, sugar, monosodium glutamate, salt, flavouring, lutein