Terre Exotique Frost Salt 45g

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Use it for sprinkling on salads, appetizers as well as any cooked food.

Collected in the Egyptian desert, these pure salt crystals give a decorative touch to dishes, bars of chocolate and foie gras.

In the depths of the while Egyptian desert a Bedouin and his son are the only ones to possess the secret of frost salt. Digging in a spot they had targeted in the desert they tapped into a hidden salt quarry left behind by a 70 million year old sea. They then dug into the quarry and collected the crystalline salt that takes its name from its ethereal texture similar to frost.

With its extraordinary texture, this unique salt is used to give creation a final touch. A reflection of the simple beauty of the deset, frost salt enhances, but above all exalts, your dishes to new heights. This salt is very dry and melts slowly which makes it possible to create bespoke presentations even on hot dishes.

100% Egyptian desert salt