Tanaka Red Shiso Furikake 22g

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On the contrary to a regular furikake, furikake with red shiso does not contain either seaweed or fish but red shiso. Red shiso is a plant of the mint family often used for its crimson color. It has a complex flavor between hibiscus and cinnamon that is enhanced by salt. It is used just like furikake, as a topping on any dish. 

It can be used to coat onigiri or add a touch of flavour to white rice but it will be great sprinkled on top of a humble onlette, mushroom noodles or potato dish. Use it to make sauces or as a final touch on various dishes like a salad or burrata for example.

Shiso in brine (red shiso, salt) (75,47%), sugar (15,09%), salt (5,66%), flavour enhancers (E621, E635) (2,08%), acidulant (E296) (1,7%)