Naogen Thick Soy Sauce with Koji of Moromi 120ml

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A delicious velvety sauce: a mix of soy sauce and koji, thus has the creamy texture of the moromi. Basically like an unfiltered soy sauce still fermenting in a barrel. The koji used is cultivated on rice grown in the neighbouring prefecture of Toyama. It gives a rather sweet and umami taste to the soy sauce. One of koji’s characteristics is to soften up meat and vegetables, and unveil the umami of ingredients.

Very rich in koji and less salted than a classic soy sauce, this soy sauce can be used in marinades to flavour and soften or season any dish. Used as is, it is a delicious dip for raw vegetables sticks, it goes perfectly well with tuna, tofu or on top of an egg over rice. Koji is also nice to caramelize, therefore this sauce can replace teriyaki sauce on fish and noodles.

This soy sauce was made without any additives, colourings or flavourings.

SOY sauce (50%), shoyu-koji (SOY sauce, rice koji, water) (47,62%), water (2,38%)