Naogen Soy Sauce with Yuzu 120ml

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Artisanal soy sauce with a whopping 14.5% yuzu juice content
This soy sauce is made with the producer's marudaizu soy sauce. Fermented for one year, marudaizu soy sauce has a slight sweet taste and is very rich in umami. This soy sauce is combined with yuzu juice, locally produced in Shikoku, and kombu to reduce its acidity, and give it a milder flavor. It has a well-balanced salty flavor with the refreshing aroma of yuzu and has a slight and pleasant bitterness in the finish that reminds of yuzu peel.

Yuzu soy sauce is perfect with raw fish such as sashimi and sushi, as well as shrimp or white meat.
SOY sauce (Water, SOYBEAN, WHEAT, Salt) 62,67%, Sugar, Yuzu juice (14,5%), Water, Kombu extract (Kombu extract, starch syrup, Salt) 3,33%, Brewed vinegar