Naogen Soy Sauce with Sansho Pepper 120ml

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This soy sauce is made with the producer's marudaizu soy sauce. Fermented for one year, marudaizu soy sauce has a slight sweet taste and is very rich in umami. This soy sauce is combined with a mix of Sichuan and sansho pepper that adds freshness and a touch of spiciness. The sauce is then aged in wooden barrels for one year. The fresh notes of sansho pepper lasts long on the palate.

Use it to season meat, tofu, gyozas or cooked rice. Can also be used as a simple condiment, paired with the oil of your choice, or incorporate it into a dressing for a salad or for stir-frying vegetables in a pan.

SOY sauce (Water, SOYBEAN, WHEAT, Salt) 70%, Water, Sansho pepper (4%), Sichuan pepper (3%), Alcohol (1,6%), Polysaccharide thickeners
SOY. Contains alcohol