Naogen Soy Sauce with Ginger 120ml

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This ginger flavored soy sauce is made from the emblematic koikuchi marudaizu soy sauce of Naogen. Grated ginger is added to the sauce, the ginger coming from from Kochi prefecture which is well-known for its ginger production. Naogen soy sauce with ginger contains less salt than classic soy sauces.

Perfect to season stir fried noodles or vegetables, fried rice, grilled pork meat or sashimi, especially white fish such as horse mackerel or squid. It will add a refreshing touch to raw vegetables, fried food like karaage and simmered meat.

This soy sauce was made without any additives, colourings or flavourings.

SOY sauce (76,22%), ginger juice (13,37%), grated ginger (8,92%), alcohol (1,49%)