Miso* Creamy with Koji (Fresh) 500g

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Sweet white miso with koji rice. Perfect for soups or marinades.

It is a white miso which means it has beed fermented for a shorter time and contains less salt. It also contains amazake, a sweet drink made from rice fermentation, that brings a lot of sweetness and body to the miso. Amazake is made with koji. Its enzymes transform rice starch. The colour of this miso gets darker with time, but this is a natural process and it doesn’t have any effect on the taste.

As it contains a lot of koji, it is perfect for marinades. For example you can coat salmon with it or marinate pork ribs in it before cooking them. You can also use it in sauces, in mashed potatoes instead of milk or in soups instead of cream.

Rice (41%), SOYbeans (33,8%), salt (11,1%), alcohol (3%), Water (11,1%)