Albert Menes Rose Petal Jelly from Provence 280g

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Rose petal confit (jelly) is a world-renowned specialty of the House of Albert Ménès. Made from Centifolia rose petals, this confit exudes the subtle aromas of this exceptional flower. Centifolia roses are picked early in the morning during May in the Grasse region. The very fragile petals are plucked by hand and processed immediately. The pots are checked one by one to ensure the petals are evenly arranged in the confit. When this harmony is achieved, and only then, can the jars be labelled. Albert Ménès rose petal confit is absolutely natural, with no added colouring or fragrance. Its colour and perfume are inimitable, and indeed famous all over the world, since it is the exact rose used in the composition of the exceptional Chanel N°5 range.

Rose petal jelly is a delicious alternative to jams. Its subtle fragrance works well as a topping for panna cotta, rice pudding or mascarpone-based verrines. Try having some with lady fingers – pure joy.

Cane sugar, water, candied rose petals, gelling agent : pectins, acidifier : citric acid