Meneau Organic Raspberry Cordial 500ml

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Dive into a basketful of beautiful organic raspberries, round, generous and freshly picked. Summery, delicious and expressive fragrance and flavour in a bottle.

Half a litre of cordial gives you 5-6 litres of refreshing beverage.
Also delicious with yogurt, in cocktails, vinaigrette, and with ice cream.
All Maison Meneau cordials are made without artificial flavourings, colourants and preservatives.
Maison Meneau was brought to life in 1879 near the port of Bordeaux, initially distilling wine to make eaux-de-vie, then from the 1920s their activity evolved from trading to the manufacture of caramels, natural colourants and syrups. Multiple generations of the family took over the business from their ancestors throughout the decades. Fast forward to the 1990s, when Maison Meneau pioneered as one of the first manufacturers to fully switch over to producing solely organic cordials, still residing at the same familiar premises for 77 years (and counting).
Organic brown cane sugar from South America, water, organic concentrated fruit juices (organic raspberry 10%, organic lemon, organic elder), natural organic raspberry flavour