Lurisia Tonic Water with Lemon and Chinotto 275ml

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Tonic Water with the infusion of Chinotto di Savona, Slow Food Presidium. The microclimate of the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente gives the fruit intense aromas. The infusion obtained from the chinotti and the lemon juice give the drink a unique flavor, thus obtaining a good and thirst-quenching drink.

Clear and brilliant color. Very fine and persistent effervescence. Scent of chinotto peel of marked frankness and remarkable vivacity gathered in a delicate bouquet. The bitter note is accompanied and balanced by the slight acidity that gives it freshness. Fine and persistent aroma in which citrus scents re-emerge accompanied by a pleasant bitter note.
Consumed in purity it is an excellent thirst quencher. Perfect as an aperitif to accompany savory snacks, or throughout a meal. It was born as a base for cocktails. To be served in a stemmed glass with natural mineral water ice and a little lemon zest.