Lurisia Gazzosa 275ml

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The unique taste of Gazzosa comes from far away, in time and space. The recipe is that of the 1950s and the lemons used are the sfusato ones, grown for over 300 years only on the terraces of the Amalfi coast, famous for their juicy and semi-sweet pulp.

At sight it is brilliant and crystalline. Fruity and lively scent of lemon.
The intensity is enhanced by the presence of bubbles that harmonize and refine the evocation of orange blossom and lemon peel. Particularly balanced and full-bodied, the long persistence is accompanied by a gentle acidity that dissolves into sweet notes. Intense aroma of lemons, very persistent but fine.
Consumed in purity it is an excellent thirst quencher, but thanks to its pleasant acidity tone, it can be easily combined with dishes based on raw fish and shellfish.
Also excellent transformed into sorbet with the addition of a mint or sage leaf. To be served in a round glass, without adding ice, with two leaves of mint and a stick of licorice.