Lurisia Aranciata Rossa 275ml

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The three best varieties of "Red Orange of Sicily PGI": Moro, Tarocco or Sanguinello. Special citrus fruits, grown on a special land. Eastern Sicily is truly an extraordinary area, the presence of Etna and the Ionian Sea give exceptional fertility to the soil, and create unique climatic conditions. That's why they have unique characteristics, which translate into an ideal balance between sweet and sour. A vibrant hue, accentuated by warm red shades, heralds a complex and captivating scent, dominated by intense notes of orange.

Elegant and round, it releases the juiciness of Sicilian blood oranges on the palate, giving life to a very fine citrusy profile that extends into a finish of extraordinary fragrance. The effervescence enhances the sweetness and accentuates the subtle acidulous note, balancing it. Serve in a low tumbler glass, without ice and garnish to taste. We recommend pairing with desserts and ice cream.