Loison Veneziana Pistacchio Cello Flow 600g

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Veneziana Pistachio with pistachio from Bronte is the typical leavened cake of Venetian tradition – a historical symbol of cultural influences from distant lands and Italian creativity. Veneziana has a soft and well-risen dough, thanks to sourdough and 72 hours of patient craftsmanship. The dough is enriched with natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar and is filled with a rich, velvety cream made from Sicilian Bronte pistachios and with a blend of fine spices, which give the Veneziana an unmistakable flavour. The cake is covered in a delicate glaze and garnished with fragrant chopped pistachios.

Ingredients: WHEAT flour, Cream of "PISTACHIO verde di Bronte* PDO" 14% [Sugar, Paste of "PISTACHIO verde di Bronte* PDO" 21%, Glucose syrup, Water, Fresh BUTTER, Natural flavours, Salt], Fresh Italian free-range EGGS, Fresh BUTTER 11%, Sugar, PISTACHIO icing 10% [Sugar, EGG white, Sunflower oil, "PISTACHIO verde di Bronte* PDO" whole and in grain 12%, rice and WHEAT flour, Natural flavours], Natural sourdough yeast (WHEAT), Grains of sugar, mono and diglycerides of vegetable fatty acids, Wildflower honey from Sicily, Fresh CREAM, Fresh MILK, salt, Cocoa butter, Natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar, Natural flavours, Blend of selected spices