Loison Panettoncino Classico Plushie L9285 100g

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It was named after a baker's apprentice, Antonio, who by accident spilled the dried fruit prepared for the cake onto the bread dough. The prince of Milan liked the results so much that he named this sweet cake resembling our kuglof but lighter in texture after the apprentice, and the "pan del Toni" thus became panettone.

This is a lovely gift to children (and children at heart). A 100g panettone classico hidden inside the velvety soft bear. Excellent stocking filler and may be reused throughout the years.  

WHEAT flour, Sultana raisin, BUTTER, Sugar, EGG yolk, Natural YEAST, Candied orange peel [Orange peel, Glucose-fructose syrup, Sugar, Citric acid], Mono- and fatty acid diglycerides of vegetable origin, Invert sugar syrup, Salt, Natural flavours.