Loison Colomba Peach & Piedmont Hazelnut 750g 8128

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Easter Colomba with peach and Piedmont hazelnuts is a cake with a soft dough, enriched with soft and juicy candied Italian peach pieces with a sweet and delicate taste, and natural vanilla Mananara from Madagascar. The cake is covered with a precious icing rich in crunchy Piedmont IGP hazelnuts and granulated sugar. The dough is yellow and well-risen, and made from fresh basic ingredients: eggs from a local free-range farm, butter, milk and mountain cream.

Ingredients: WHEAT flour, Candied peaches 15% [Peach cubes 49%, Sucrose, Peach juice concentrate, Lemon juice concentrate], Sugar, HAZELNUT icing 12% [Sugar, EGG white, Sunflower oil, "Piemonte" PGI HAZELNUTS 3%, Pre-cooked rice and WHEAT flour, Natural flavouring], Fresh Italian free-range EGGS, Fresh BUTTER 7%, Natural sourdough yeast (WHEAT), Sugar pearls 6%, mono and diglycerides of vegetable fatty acids, Yolk of Fresh Italian free-range EGGS, Wildflower honey from Sicily, Fresh CREAM, Fresh MILK, Cervia sea salt, Cocoa butter, Natural mananara vanilla from Madagascar, Natural flavouring