Leone Gianduioso 45% Hazelnut Cream Tube 115g

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A rich cream spread made from Piedmont hazelnut and chocolate, boasting an impressive 45% hazelnut content.
When a hazelnut spread's very first ingredient is hazelnut (and not sugar...), you know it's done right.
Leone has been making some of the finest sweets in Italy since 1857. Luigi Leone opened his first shop in Alba, Piedmont to sell digestive pastilles, shortly followed by a second shop in Turin, and the rest is history. 
This clever and convenient tube is best for filling pancakes, and topping waffles and puddings, or to make your own sandwich biscuits. Equally delicious spread over a piece of toast or brioche. 
This is a vegan spread. 
Piedmont Hazelnut IGP 45%, sugar, gianduja cocoa, cocoa beans, vanilla pods, SOY lecithin