La Tourangelle Argan Oil Organic 250ml

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The Argan tree is unique to the South Western corner of Morocco and this remarkable oil is made by cold pressing the seeds inside the nut of the Argan fruit. It takes 100kg of fruit to produce just 1 litre of oil, meaning it is an extremely labour intensive oil to make.Rich in Vitamin E and linoleic acids and with over 80% of its fat unsaturated, this unusual oil is full of health-giving properties. It is light in colour with a reddish tinge and milder in flavour than sesame or walnut oil, yet its taste is distinctly nutty. Traditionally used for cooking tagines and dressing couscous, Argan oil also adds unique flavour to salads and other North African dishes.
100% Organic Argan Virgin Oil
May contain traces of NUTS, SESAME