La Belle Iloise Arvorig Soup (Artichokes, Buckwheat & Seaweed) 380g

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La Belle Iloise's first soup made without fish is a tribute to Brittany, its terroir and its local producers. Arvorig soup brilliantly combines three typically regional ingredients: artichokes, buckwheat and organic seaweed. A perfect combination of land and sea of Breton.

Arvorig means Armorique in Breton, which means “country near the sea”.

Serve it as a starter for 2 people and as a main course for 1 person.
Made from 92% organic ingredients.
Water, onion, seaweed (wakame, dulse and royal kombu) (15%), Jerusalem artichoke (5%), CREAM, artichoke (4%), buckwheat flour (3%), herbs, Guérande salt, pepper