Kusmi Organic AquaSummer Loose Herbal Tea Tin 100g

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A flavorful blend of organic apple, hibiscus and rosehip, with peach and apricot

Tart hibiscus notes, the velvety, fleshy peach and apricot flavours…summer in a cup! Hot or iced, get an instant fruit shot with this organic, caffeine-free herbal tea.

Fill up your small pitcher with 2.5 cups (60cl) of simmering water, and immerse the tea. Sit back and relax for about 7 minutes while the blend infuses, and add a lot of ice. 
Organic apple, organic hibiscus 16%, organic rosehip, organic peaches 7%, natural peach flavour 3%, natural apricot flavour 2%, natural watermelon flavour