Kusmi Iconic Blends 24 Teabags Grand Hotel Limited Edition Organic

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A festive assortment of 24 flavoured classic and herbal muslin tea bags, in Kusmi's limited Grand Hotel Budapest themed box.


• Tsarevna: Kusmi's iconic, organic Christmas black tea, with enchanting notes of orange, vanilla, and spices

• Glögg: the comforting Christmas herbal tea, blending hibiscus and blackcurrant with notes of cinnamon, licorice, and cardamom

• Anastasia: Kusmi's famous Earl Grey twisted with a pinch of lemon and orange blossom

• Prince Vladimir: The flagship blend with an Earl Grey base flavored with grapefruit, orange, and lime

• Spearmint green tea: The traditional blend of mint and gunpowder green tea

Green jasmine: Our delicate green tea, naturally flavored with jasmine petals

• Tropical White: A white tea with exotic notes of mango and passionfruit