Kusmi Grand Yunnan N°21 Organic Black Loose Tea Tin 100g

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Organic Grand Yunnan N°21, a traditional Chinese black tea with inimitable flavour.

These leaves gently grew between sea and sky on the valiant tea bushes in the Chinese region of Yunnan, nestled at 8,000 feet of elevation. Yunnan is a province steeped in mystery. Nature reigns supreme here, driven by a hot, humid climate. With this in mind, experience the intensity, the delicate aroma of damp earth and the woody notes of Grand Yunnan tea, along with a discreet bitterness.

Many travelers consider Yunnan to be the most beautiful province in China, and one of the most authentic ones. Located to the southwest of the country on the border with Laos, Vietnam, and Burma, it offers visitors a backdrop of mountains, valleys, gorges, and lakes. Renowned for its terraced rice fields carved into the side of the peaks, which change colours throughout the seasons and inspire countless photographers, Yunnan is also part of the Tea Road. This iconic route once linked Szechuan and Tibet, and is home to some of the oldest tea plantations.

100% organic Chinese green tea