Kusmi Alain Ducasse Organic Selection Loose Tea Gift Set 5x20g + Infuser

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An assortment of 5 extraordinary flavoured and unflavoured loose teas, with a bespoke tea infuser. Including a never-before available organic blend of white tea with rose and raspberry, created for the occasion of Kusmi Zea's 150th anniversary, with Alain Ducasse, the famous French chef.
La Sélection Alain Ducasse features a flavored white tea and four original single-estate teas. Available exclusively in this gift set and selected with care by Alain Ducasse, these exceptional teas will seduce you with their unique characters and flavours. Contains one tin each:

• Le Thé Blanc Alain Ducasse: an organic blend that combines a rare and precious white tea with subtle notes of rose and raspberry.

• Long Jing: a luxurious, organic green tea from the Zhejiang province in China, with long, smooth leaves that reveal chestnut and hazelnut notes.

• Hojicha: a delicious roasted, organic green tea from Japan, which opens with woody notes and moves onto toasted aromas.

• Nepalese black tea: a prestigious organic black tea with pronounced notes of fresh almonds from the Guranse tea plantation in the east of Nepal.

• Jasmine Jade Pearls: an organic Chinese green tea rolled into small pearls, flavoured with freshly picked jasmine petals. Considered a symbol of refinement, the pearls can be brewed 5 to 6 times in a row, for cups that last and last!
Also contains one Kusi tea infuser.