Kuki First Pressed Intense Sesame Oil 170g

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"Kuki" sesame oil is made using the highest quality black, golden and white sesame seeds. It has a round and intense flavor of roasted sesame. This oil is produced according to a traditional pressing process, in which only the oil extracted during the first press is used. After the pressing, the extracted oil is left to stand for two weeks to a month. Then it is filtered several times to remove any residue formed during the pressing process. This method gives the "Kuki" sesame oil its beautiful amber color and unique flavor.
This fragrant and hugely intense sesame oil pairs perfectly with traditional Japanese and Chinese cuisines. It beautifully lifts stir-fries, stews and broths and is ideal to season marinated vegetables, noodles, rice, and bibimbaps. Mixed with a bit of salt, this sesame oil will be perfect for seasoning a salad.
100% Japanese SESAME oil