Hon Mirin Authentic Rice Vinegar 600ml

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Mirin is one type of sake, soft and sweet, originally enjoyed during celebrations. Nowadays it is one of the basics of Japanese cuisine and it is one of the main ingredients of many sauces and dishes. Hon mirin refers to mirins produced in a traditional and natural way. It has been made with Japanese rice that was fermented 6 months at a low temperature. Compared to others, this mirin has a higher umami content. In addition to the sweet and roasted notes of shochu it has a very mild and umami-rich flavour with a long finish. 

It is used to bring out the softness and roundness of sauces as it breaks the acidity and bitterness of the ingredients. Add some to fish before cooking in the oven or glaze meats with it. 

Rice (60%), Alcohol (33%), Koji (6%), Shochu (1%)