Hanamaruki Liquid Shiokoji 500ml

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Shiokoji is a Japanese paste made with koji, rice and salt. This unpasteurised product is the first shiokoji in a liquid form. It is easier to use and keeps longer. Thanks to the enzymes it contains, shiokoji brings out the umami of ingredients and acts as a real natural flavour enhancer. Shiokoji also softens meat by breaking connective tissue, retain water and increase the juices' viscosity which makes it a real good tool for marinades. 

Use it to marinate your meats and fishes such as sea bream, trout, pigeon, beef or pork. Allow 10% of the total ingredient volume in shiokoji. May be mixed with soy sauce or vinegar.

Made without any additives, colourings or flavourings.

Rice (46,2%), Water (38,5%), Salt (12%), Ethyl Alcohol (3,3%)