Genuine Shredded Wasabi Paste 42g

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Authentic Japanese wasabi paste which contains genuine wasabi only, no horseradish at all. The wasabi used in this paste grows at the foot of the Amagi Mount, a rainy region with a rich land in the Izu peninsula, well-known for the quality of its wasabi. 

Wasabi paste goes very well with raw fish, it is of course used to season sashimis and sushis, it also goes very well with Soba noodles, red meat, grilled eel, tofu or with just a humble bowl of rice.

Wasabi (min 45%), Sorbitol, Dietary fibre, Starch, Salt, Cyclodextrin, Flavouring, Vegetable Oil (of SOY bean), Citric acid (E330), Food colouring (E102, E133)