Fundodai Transparent Soy Sauce with Truffle 100ml

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Transparent soy sauce is made from distilled koikuchi soy sauce. In this highly coveted version, transparent soy sauce has been blended with genuine white truffle oil and black truffle savings. This sophisticated soy sauce combines the deep taste of koikuchi soy sauce with the delicacy of white and black truffle, without colouring your dishes. It delicately carries the flavour of truffle, umami and long lasting taste typical of koikuchi soy sauces.

Transparent soy sauce with truffle is the perfect ingredient to enhance your dishes without coloring them. It will pair perfectly with meat based recipes, such as roast beef, but also with cream and egg based dishes such as omelet, sunny side up, soft boiled eggs, and risotto or pasta dishes. It will also make your salad dressing even more delicious.

An excellent gift for foodies. 

Ingredients: Water, SOY sauce (Defatted SOYBEAN, WHEAT, Salt), Salt, Olive oil, White truffle oil (Olive oil, White truffle extract 0,01%, Natural Flavouring), Black truffle 0,1%, Flavour additives (Succinic acid, Monosodium glutamateDisodium ribonucleotides, Glycine), Alcohol, Brewed vinegar, Xanthan gum, Sweeteners (Sucralose, Acesulfame K)

WHEAT, SOY. Contains alcohol