Forthay Granola Pecan, Pumpkin Seed & Spiced Apple 450g

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Homemade by Debs in her Cotswold farmhouse kitchen on a gorgeous red Aga. We would urge you to find a secret hiding place... so delicious, it's guaranteed not to last and may be ransacked by other home members - basically an pecan-apple pie in a bowl!

Pecan nuts combined these with succulent and chunky dried apple pieces sprinkled with light warming spice and protein-filled pumpkin seeds to create our scrumptious Pecan, Pumpkin Seed & Spiced Apple Granola.

Delicious served with milk, yoghurt, fresh berries, or dip-into afternoon snack, straight from the bag.

100% Natural


No Additives

No Refined Sugar

No Added Salt