Cluizel Filled Praliné Potatoes in a Bag 100g

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An artisanal masterpiece from Cluizel Paris. Starting from the middle, the filling of the "potatoes" is an old-fashioned almond & hazelnut praline spread, enriched with finely crumbled gavottes (fried extra thin pancake). It's first covered in dark chocolate, then finally covered with another layer of chocolate, this time ivory chocolate. The finishing touch is the dusting which only makes the potato-effect even more realistic. The colours of the dusting are all-natural. And of course the potatoes are then placed in a cute potato bag:)

On top of the fact that these are one of the prettiest pralines we have ever seen, they are also the most delicious ones, with an excellent harmony of the flavours and textures, and a reduced amount if sugar. They reflect the excellence of the Cluizel chocolate house. 

There are nine praline potatoes in each bag.

Sugar, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, ALMOND, wafer (WHEAT flour, sugar, BUTTER, skimmed MILK powder, BARLEY malt, salt), HAZELNUT, natural colouring (safflower, lemon), rapeseed lecithin, cocoa powder, Bourbon vanilla pod