Calanquet EV Olive Oil Grossane 500ml

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Extra virgin 100% single-estate, monovarietal olive oil from Provence. Harvest: November 2023
Pressed from dark, warm-toned Grossane olives which are the sweetest olive variety, and are produced exclusively in Bouches du Rhône. Its fruits are mainly used for the production of black olives and are appreciated for their particularly sweet flavour.
Tasting notes: butter and sweet almond with hints of fruitiness. Neither bitter nor fiery. 
Use in Mayo, dips and fish
Moulin du Calanquet is based in Saint-Rémy de Provence, where originally the Greeks and Romans grew olive trees. In the area there is a large stone slab intended to support an olive grinding wheel from Roman times. 
But the olive plantations painted by Van Gogh suffered from periodic frosts, especially those in 1889 and 1956. After the catastrophic frost of 1956, the last remaining mills became oil merchants in Saint-Remy-de-Provence and the region, then ceased to operate. 
In 2000, two young Saint-Rémois in their twenties, Anne and Gilles Brun, brothers and sisters, decided to (re)open an oil mill in Saint-Rémy de Provence. Since then, they have been producing five types of monovarietal, single-estate extra virgin olive oils, and delicious condiments made from them. 
100% Extra virgin olive oil from Grossane olives