Brets Tartiflette Crisps 125g

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Irresistible wavy artisanal potato crisps paying homage to the famous dish of the French Alps, with Reblochon cheese, lardons, roasted onions and white pepper. 
The Brets story began in 1991 when Alain Glon created a potato sector in partnership with Breton farmers, with the initial idea of providing additional remuneration to Breton farmers by developing a new potato sector, specific to gourmet chips. Fast forward to over 20 years, Brets is still a 100% family owned and run business in Pontivy, Morbihan, Bretagne, offering the most creative, French cuisine-inspired flavours, using all-natural ingredients. 
No palm oil and additives are used in their beautiful, wavy crisps. Gluten-free.
French potatoes 61.9%, sunflower oil 31%, CHEESE powder 3.1%, salt, corn flour, natural flavouring, onion powder 0.6%, WHEY powder, turmeric, white pepper