Brets Jura Cheese Crisps 125g

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Irresistible wavy artisanal potato crisps made with actual fruity, fragrant creamy Jura Comté. We adore them not just as a go-to snack but also with fried eggs and of course with a glass of wine!
The Brets story began in 1991 when Alain Glon created a potato sector in partnership with Breton farmers, with the initial idea of providing additional remuneration to Breton farmers by developing a new potato sector, specific to gourmet chips. Fast forward to over 20 years, Brets is still a 100% family owned and run business in Pontivy, Morbihan, Bretagne, offering the most creative, French cuisine-inspired flavours, using all-natural ingredients. 
No palm oil and additives are used in their beautiful, wavy crisps. Gluten-free.
French potatoes 61.9%, sunflower oil 31%, Jura CHEESE (powdered) 4.5% made exclusively with Comté AOP, salt, WHEY powder, natural flavouring, dextrose, white pepper, curcumin