Bakasco Yuzu & Kaki Vinegar Hot Sauce 60ml

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A brand new hot sauce, full of Tokushima charm. A mellow and refreshing hot sauce that combines yuzu juice, kaki vinegar and chilli pepper, carefully preserving the flavour of each ingredient naturally, without any preservatives or other additives. 
Bakasco, the name that inevitably evokes the famous Tabasco, was named after Bando (“Ba”) and Kawazoe (“Ka”), the two Tokushima based producers who partnered to create this flavourful condiment. 
Add a few drops of this hot sauce in pasta, pizza or french fries for a spicy and refreshing flavour. Use it with a burger, tacos, to season a beef tartar, a ceviche, a carpaccio or a gazpacho. Can also be added to a ramen or udon broth and it goes also very well with sashimi, okonomiyaki and any Japanese dish in general. 
Yuzu juice (60%), kaki vinegar (35%), salt (4,75%), yuzu peel (0,2%), red chilli (0,05%)