Antonio Mattei Cantuccini Chocolate 125g

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The gourmet take on the classic cantucci - made with a generous serving of dark chocolate - baked by hand and packed by hand in Prato, Tuscany since 1858

Prato biscuits, commonly known as cantucci or cantuccini, are a major part of the confectionary tradition of Tuscany. There are no biscuits that would accompany a cup of coffee better than these do. What makes Antinio Matteri's cantucci stand out are two things. First, they are prepared with only four basic ingredients: flour, sugar, free-range eggs and nuts and/or chocolate (respectively), no preservative or added fat. Second, we have tried dozens of cantucci over the years but quite simply nothing compares to Antonio Mattei's cantucci in terms of flavour, scent and texture.

WHEAT flour, sugar, dark chocolate 20% (cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla pods), free-range EGG
WHEAT, EGG. May contain traces of nuts.