Albert Menes Whole Beldi Lemons 190g

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Whole Beldi lemons preserved in salt. The Beldi lemon is a variety that grows only in Morocco, mostly in the Marrakech region. It may be recognized by its small size, rounded shape, extremely thin skin, generous fragrance and yellow-orange colour. Beldi lemons are harvested only once a year, from late December to February. These small lemons are salted and immersed in a brine bath for at least a month to ensure optimum and fully natural preservation - absolutely no additives, just water and salt.  

Best used as a condiment in hot dishes: sliced to garnish a fish parcel or cut in half to flavour a tagine. They are also a great addition to salads, miso soup or pasta dishes. Added to a vinaigrette, they give your seasonings an exotic flavour. Use both the skin and the flesh as you like. 

Whole Beldi lemons, water, salt