Albert Menes Sliced Corsican Clementine Marmalade 280g

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Corsican Sliced Clementine Marmalade is an exceptional product. It showcases produce from Corsica, being made exclusively from Corsican clementines that are harvested as soon as they become ripe. The only French clementine, it obtained a PGI (Protected Geographical  Indication) in 2007. The beautiful island offers the Corsican clementine the benefit of its exceptional temperate climate, giving it an incomparable colour and tangy taste. The sweetness of clementine marmalade reminds us of the candied fruits of our childhood.  The rigorously picked fruits do not undergo any treatment after they are harvested. As soon as they arrives, fruits are washed and sliced by delicate hands, before being preserved according to the ancient techniques of master confectioners. The fruit thus retains all its flavour and crunchiness.