Albert Menes Sardines Vintage 2019 230g

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These special tins are created each year and numbered. Vintage sardines are chosen for their size - always larger than normal sardines, they are therefore more fleshy. These large sardines are caught in the Atlantic Ocean at the end of the season. Sardines are carefully selected and cleaned, de-headed and then washed by hand. They are then placed upright on racks and dried, immersed in a frying oil and drained to remove excess fat. At the end they are hulled by hand and delicately placed in their tin. The extra virgin olive oil that covers them enhances their flavour and ensures their excellent storage. Like a good wine, sardines improve with age because they are preserved in oil. Just keep the tins in a cool place and turn them over every now and then. A tin that has been kept for at least three years is a real delight.