Albert Menes Rosemary 35g

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Albert  Ménès’ Rosemary is harvested in the South of France by an agricultural  cooperative with rich know-how. This aromatic plant from the Provencal terroir grows naturally in the scrubland, because it has perfectly adapted to the Southern climate. The sunshine and the higher temperatures allow the plant to charge itself with  essential oils and aromas, and take on a beautiful green color, a guarantee of quality.

Rosemary, sweet and spicy at the same time, is harvested at the end of summer, at the optimal time. It is then rigorously selected, sorted and then checked throughout its transformation.

Albert Ménès’s Rosemary has a fairly pronounced fragrant flavor. It is incorporated into soups, stuffings, sauces and marinades as well as to flavour roasted meats such as lamb or pork.