Albert Menes Provence Fig Jam 280g

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Provence fig jam is a regional specialty that is made exclusively with figs from Solliès-Pont in the French department of Var. This jam gets its unique, sweet and sour flavour from a distinctive microclimate, an extremely high total hours of sunshine, as well as the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. The figs used come from the same groves as the famous figs that have been recognised as a “Fig of Solliès”, a PDO label (Protected Designation of Origin), since 2011. The Solliès-Pont fig is a purple fig with a red flesh belonging to the black Bourjassotte variety. It is one of the tastiest varieties of figs with its sweet, juicy taste. The figs are harvested at their best when they are fully ripe in September. They are then sliced and coked using traditional methods.

Apart from its use at breakfast and tea time, works great as a chutney for cheese, terrines or foie gras.

Figs from Provence, cane sugar, gelling agent, pectins, acidifier: citric acid